Thursday, July 17, 2014

1 week to go!

Tuesday was a busy day.  We traveled back from Alaska on the red-eye.  We arrived home around noon.  We went home to get some rest, and then had an ultrasound at 4:00.

The ultrasound went well.  My lining in my uterus is nice and thick, which is what they are looking for.  A nice thick lining makes a cozy bed for an embryo.  Then they checked to see that the ovaries are suppressed.  They had trouble finding the ovaries (again), which is a good thing, because they are smaller when they are suppressed.  They finally found them and verified that they were suppressed.  That is a good thing because if I were to release an egg, that would mess up the whole cycle.

During the ultrasound they also found a small endometrioma (sp?) on one of my ovaries.  That is a cyst caused by endometriosis, and I have had many of those in the past.  They said because it is so small, it should not be a problem.  But it does piss me off because I've been on all these hormones to keep my endo from flaring up, and here it goes anyway.

After the ultrasound, I had some blood work done.  Then I went for acupuncture.  I've been doing acupuncture treatments just about every day.  Last time I did IVF, the acupuncture appointments were more spaced out, but due to our spontaneous vacation, we've had to squeeze the appointments in to fit the entire protocol.  I enjoy the treatments, but the office is on the other side of town and I get tired of driving over there.  Just wish I would have started sooner so that I could space the appointments out more!

Yesterday, I got the results of my blood work back.  My estrogen levels were a little low, so in addition to the 4 patches of Estradiol each day, I have to take 1 Estrace pill per day.  Yesterday was also my last day of Lupron--yay!  Today is my first day of Progesterone--meh.

So, hopefully everything will look good by Tuesday, July 22.  That is my transfer day!  We are still set to transfer just 1 embryo.  Please pray for us.  :)

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