Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Ultrasound

One of the perks of being an IVF patient is that you get to have more ultrasounds than a typical pregnant woman.  I am only 9 weeks, and I just had my second ultrasound.  I thought it would be just like the last one, so I didn't think it would be terribly exciting.  Boy was I wrong!  I wish we had taken video, because we got quite the show!

First of all, the baby has grown a LOT in just 2 weeks!  Plus, this time you could really see the head, body, and arms.  It's incredible how much change happens in so little time.  But the most amazing thing was that during the ultrasound, the little baby was dancing around and waving at us!  (Doug says he was fist-pumping.)  It was so incredible. 

Everything looked good and the baby is still healthy.  We are praying this continues.  There is LIFE inside of me, and I never cease to praise God for this miracle!

It's so hard to see in this small picture, but the head, body, and arms are really starting to be defined now!  Heartbeat is up to 178 (cause the baby was so active).

Things are starting to feel "real".  My "baby bump" is now visible to others, and people have been asking a lot of questions.  I feel strange talking with others about a topic I have avoided for so long.  And it's interesting to see reactions--joy, disbelief, more disbelief (c'mon people, was I THAT much of a lost cause?) when I share the news.  But all is well, and we're still super-excited!